Alfill has been continuously expanding its product range in the World of Construction Chemicals since the 2000s. Today, it produces solutions to changing needs in terms of both product and content, with a wide range of products from concrete primary to insulation group, from mineral exterior plaster to self-leveling screed.

ALFILL Vision and Mission

Building a structure is not just about bringing together iron, brick, and all kinds of materials. It often means building a dream.

Sometimes you build a family’s home, sometimes a smoking chimney of a factory, and sometimes a school where new generations take their first steps into tomorrow. Another material as important as concrete and iron in every building is a hope for the future.

Here, as Alfill, we have been working for 20 years to ensure that hope does not come to naught. While our responsibility is to produce construction chemicals, we secure the future with durable and long-lasting materials.

We develop products that structures need to last longer and be stronger. We classify these products according to their specific usage areas.

We continuously invest in our R&D studies to create the best formula and our technological infrastructure to give the most efficient result.

With our sales networks and dealers in different countries, we are involved in innovations in many parts of the world on the place and on time.

Because we take responsibility in the dreams you build to turn our products into a home, sometimes a factory, sometimes a school.

High Production Capacity

Alfill has an annual production capacity of 72 thousand tons with its factory of 10 thousand square meters.

Solution Oriented

We offer the solutions you need with products and services customized according to the application area and geography.

R&D Studies

With our experienced professionals, we are always working to produce better by bringing together the latest technology production techniques and solutions that meet the needs.

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